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The kazoo it the background makes me laugh everytime it gets loud, what a mood setter


The moms more lazy than he is, making him do everything

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

Lol, we don't see what mom has to do. Joshein at least doesn't have to work on the car.

I love that quote

Everyone's got there high.

Simple and perfect

More truth than poetry

My god, great animation just a lil choppy here and there, and so true

Seemed to me like the lip sync was a little off but that could've been my computer. And next time a darker red for the blood if your gonna use black and white line art the contrast makes it look better, other than that it was great.

And for the author, the understatement is NOT ment for you, lol. I'm more than positive you know the type of person I'm talking about every one knows one.

My nephew has it on his phone and the entire weekend he was here, he was using it every 5 minutes, annoying as it is. Then while moving the damn fridge, he got a "message", which I guess was more important then what we were doing, So then his half of it just had to be let go of. Then damn thing fell on my foot cause his facebook was more important than my foot nor the huge gaping hole that's now in the wall.....

His phone was quickly acquainted with the toilet and the whole next day was me bitching about how much he needed a life, and to the grace of god, NOT the consisten repetitious 5 minute monotony of him forgetting he already told me how many girls want him and me not giving a shit, and telling him to STFU.

And for the people that have nothing better to do with there life but sit at there house or pull there phone out of there pocket the instant it vibrates even though it's a damn text message, especially at a MOVIE THEATER
That's 95% of the time somehow affiliated with the pointless competitive LIEING nature of "Bobby said you kissed him" DRAMA.

Which ties right into the overzealous attempt of trying to be better than one another by showing off page views and friends, not to mention the irrational attempt of garnering peer attention and getting the 5 minutes of look at me I'm drunk fame that only last's for a week at best by posting under age drinking photos then getting pissed off when the cops find them.

Not to mention consistent complaining that EVERYONE ELSE has to endure about the MIP that could have been SO easily avoided by not posting the shit in the first place.

Get a job find some real friends go outside and do something physical people.


OMG, This wasn't flash, so isn't anybody gonna bitch that this belongs on youtube?

You know who u are, but you aren't gonna say it to the creator of NG, are you?

That besides the point, I truly think there she is should have won. But that's just my opinion.


It reminded alot of those baby cake commercials that used to be on the adult swim at night.

That besides the point, I can tell you're a talented artist because you could easily make out what the things were all the while only being black lines just poppin on screen for a split second or two. I did get a laugh out of it. And if this is a draft I for sure will check the real thing down the road.

BACHLAVA responds:

i will make a better one,were thinking about adding more parts

p.s. i love baby cakes



To be honest I think this deserves front page.

The music is what made it, and...... it was great.

AdamJack responds:

Lovely kind words. Yum! Cheers!

tim and eric!!


Great Job.

Question what the hell is Luigi saying?

Khonjin responds:

Luigi is saying, "YOU MUST DIE!"


shark masterbation, wooooooo

Theres furry porn and now,



This was interesting, I Haven't laughed that hard in a long time, Great job recreating the drawing style, If i had to say anything that would be just to clean up the voices a little, But it really doesn't matter. You have a piece of art here.

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